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It Has Been A While
21 March 2009

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14 May 2008

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42nd Street
27 February 2008

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Lady Liberty
6 January 2008

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29 August 2007

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1 January 2007

Recent Comments

Olivier Jules on Yellowgreen
nice capture

Ralf Kesper on Yellowgreen
A nice sujet in autum.

alex centrella on Lonely Benches
nice shot . !

LouieCale on Manila Light

Eran on Boston
I like your picture. It has a very nice clear perspective.

alex centrella on Manila Light
nice catch ..

Ralf Kesper on Manila Light
Nice picture...well done in bw. And I like Henry Miller!

Curly on Shameless Plug
Intriguing - oddest way to promote sneakers!

L'Angevine on Standout
une fleur seule mais qui a plein de charme passe d'agréables moments et à bientôt

Lolob on Vroooom...mooo?
It's a very funny shoot!!

rian on Trio
cool placement of the boat's sail.. :D

Landy on Trio
buena captura un poco mas de aire a un costado seria perfecta la toma a la izquierda me parece

rian on Heaven on Earth
uy, ganda.. san yan? :D

marc battault on Serenity
a very quiet place ,nina ! wonderful !! kiss

GJC on The Day After The Historic Blizzard
I love this. Wonderful spirit.

GJC on Everybody Needs a Break
An "only in New York" moment wonderfully captured.

Robert on Journey
Love it and them.

Will on 4th of July by the Hudson River (1)
Really beautiful cityscape, skies are really beautiful too. Nice work. Will

marc battault on Journey
a nice shared moment, the charm of live! kiss!

marc battault on Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon
we see the concentration on their faces! nina! kiss!

Victor Lamela on Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon
preciosa imagen¡¡¡ perfecta¡¡¡

rian on Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon
nice pants.. lol! ;D

rian on Air-nel Pineda
that's one high jump! hope he landed safely.. :D

marc battault on Air-nel Pineda
wonderful capture !!! kiss !

Benkirane Thami on Air-nel Pineda
Quelle ambiance survoltée ! Bonne journée lumineuse!

marc battault on 4th of July by the Hudson River (3)
beautiful "light capture" nina ! kiss !

Mags on 4th of July by the Hudson River (2)
Nice shot, the ray of light is wonderful :)

marc battault on 4th of July by the Hudson River (2)
wow !!!!!stuning shot !!! five star !!! kiss !

shahram on Manhattan Bridge
excellent , grate point of view @ color ,good luck

Anna.C on 4th of July by the Hudson River (2)
beautiful light on this shot !

rian on 4th of July by the Hudson River (2)
cool light flares! nice shot! ;D

Rajesh on 4th of July by the Hudson River (2)
Beautiful shot.

marc battault on Lake George
wonderful ,landscape ,nina ! superb picture ! kiss!

rian on Coldplay
huwaw! looks like fun! :D

Sandy on Coldplay
great image!

marc battault on Coldplay
a great "concert" shot ,i like this group ,coldplay ,good light in this picture ,nina ! superbe ! kiss !

Blandine111 on Coldplay
You're lucky! Good music, painting and light, certainely a magical show!

marc battault on Bonfire
a great picture ,fire summer warming! kiss !

marc battault on Isis
so "cool" portrait ,nina ! beautiful shot ! kiss !

marc battault on Vanesa
an eye to the sky, beautiful portrait, black and white! kiss!

Shaker on Sun-drenched
Beautiful picture ! Such a gaze !

rem_la on Vanesa
c'est superbe !

kisskool on Vanesa
super composition, the b&w is very beutiful

Sarito on Vanesa
cool portrait.. perfect bw!!

Bonj on Dusky NYC
Great title and nice shot.

marc battault on Dusky NYC
excellent black and white, nina, and this light has a nice grain delivered, as in time of silver! superb! kiss!

peter on Dusky NYC
great shot of the empire state. did you take this from the top of the roc?

Onlymehdi on rock

rian on rock
nice one, nina! you captured the timeless look of this place.. :D

Onlymehdi on Library Shop
love the light

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